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Parisa Beiraghdary, commonly known as Lana Rose on the internet was born on 21 September 1989 in Dubai, UAE. If you are active on Instagram and have a keen interest in fashion and lifestyle bloggers then you might be already familiar with Lana Rose. So in this article, we are going to cover Lana Rose net worth, wiki, and much more information.

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Lana Rose Wiki


Lana Rose with her brother Mohamed Beiraghdary who is also a vlogger now, went to London to complete her studies and her brother also established his career in London but after completion of Lana Rose studies, both of them came back to their native place, Dubai.


Lana created her YouTube channel in October of 2013 and also started her Instagram account in the same month. As all the new YouTubers Lana also started collabing with other beauty vloggers like Huda Kattan. She is now so popular on Instagram and YouTube that she has grown over 882k followers on Instagram and her YouTube channel now has crossed 712k subscribers!

At the moment Lana Rose age is 28 years but the gorgeous lady looks just like a 24-25 years old girl (Thanks to her mom, Nadereh Samimi aka Nadia 🙂 ).

She has chosen her career as a professional makeup artist and shares her makeup tutorials on YouTube along with her vlogs and some funny videos. But that’s not the end, Lana Rose is also really good oil painting artist. And she earns a ton by selling her artwork.

Lana Rose is also a great luxury cars enthusiast as in 2014 she bought Lamborghini Huracan which cost more than $241,945!

Here is a photo of Lana Rose with her Lamborghini Huracan which she posted on Twitter


And as her vlog says, Lana is so obsessed with animals as she has 3 cute cats and 1 dog too. Lana never puts any light on her previous life but currently, she is a single and independent lady who remains busy in sharing her makeup tutorials, shopping experiences, and her love for luxury cars.

Here is one of her vlog which depicts her love for cars and animals 😉

So now, after reading about her biography and interest let’s go to our another important topic and that’s Lana Rose net worth.

Lana Rose Net Worth

As many of you guys may wonder that what is the source by which Lana Rose is able to afford such a luxurious and the chic lifestyle. Then the answer is YouTube, Instagram, and her artworks. She earns a ton with all these stuff as now Lana Rose net worth is about $4 million dollars! Ans she is one of the most valuable YouTube stars.

Lana Rose net worth 2017:$3 million
Lana Rose net worth 2018:$4 million
Lana Rose salary$7k to $10k

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And as we mentioned above that she is really good with her artwork, then let’s take a look of her paintings.

Lana Rose Painting

Lana Rose keeps posting her paintings on her Twitter profile regularly and here are two of them 🙂

Her most recent painting
Lana created this panting when she was 17 years old

And that’s it for Lana Rose net worth and wiki from our side. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading about her. And if you do liked to read about her then don’t forget to share this article with your friends and stay tuned to Net Worth Smasher for more.


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