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pewdiepie networth

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, who is also known as PewDiePie is the biggest YouTube star on the planet. He was born on 24 October 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is a Swedish based YouTuber well know for his Let’s Play commentaries and vlogs, as well as for his following on YouTube. Before we go through PewDiePie net worth, let’s take a look at his career.

PewDiePie Wiki

PewDiePie was born and grown in Gothenburg, Sweden. During his early school life, young Felix had a great interest in arts and was a great fan of video game characters like Mario and Sonic. As he grew up, he started skipping classes to play video games at an internet cafe with his colleagues and friends.

PewDiePie YouTube Career


Later on in 2010, he started his YouTube channel while attending school. But after a while, he decided to quit school and started focusing on his YouTube channel. His parents were not in support of his decision and he was facing the hardest part of his life.

But then after two years of hard work, he managed to get over 1 million YouTube subscribers. During the journey to 1 million YouTube subscribers, PewDiePie worked under many different multi-channel networks, just like many YouTubers have.

Besides the consistent growth of his channel, Felix Kjellberg uploaded a new video on 2nd December 2016, in which he promised that he is going to delete his YouTube channel if the channel “PewDiePie” hits 50 million subscribers.

And that video went crazily viral on the internet and the news spreaded everywhere like fire. And because of that, a lot of people really started subscribing to his channel and eventually, he reached 50 million followers!

Check out the following video where PewDiePie promised that he is going to delete his channel after hitting 50 million subscribers

So did he really deleted the channel after hitting 50 million subscribers mark?

Well, yes he deleted his channel but he saved his 50 million subscribers too!

Yes, he actually trolled the whole internet by deleting his secondary channel which was not having many subscribers and was not much active. By doing so, he kept his promise and his channel with 50 million subscribers too. (Well played Felix ;P )

Here is a video where Felix Kjellberg trolled the internet.

With all his great work PewDiePie is now having more than 59 million subscribers and has got total of 17 billion views! And he was also named as one of “The World’s 100 Most Influential People” by Time magazine.

So now, after taking a look at his YouTube career, let’s get back to our main topic and that was PewDiePie net worth and his lifestyle.

PewDiePie Net Worth

The main source of income for PewDiePie is reported to be the YouTube ads and sponsored videos. He also has two games of his own namely PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist and another one is PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator.

Total estimated earnings of PewDiePie since 2010:More than $155 million
PewDiePie Net Worth 2013:$4 million
PewDiePie Net Worth 2014:$5 million
PewDiePie Net Worth 2015:$12 million
PewDiePie Net Worth 2016:$15 million
PewDiePie Net Worth 2017:More than $19 million
PewDiePie Net Worth 2018:Under Review

For a 28 year guy, $155 million is a lot! So let’s see how PewDiePie spend all the huge amount of money.

PewDiePie House

Now as PewDiePie earns almost $1 million per month, you must be thinking that he would be having a huge mansion worth millions. But that’s not the truth. Although PewDiePie earns a lot but he don’t believe in those show offs. Below are few pictures of PewDiePie home.

This is the exterior part of PewDiePie House
This is the entrance to PewDiePie house
And this the backyard of PewDiePie house consisting of a pool to relax

Felix also owns a house  in USA too but we were unable to find pictures of PewDiePie house in USA 🙁

And thats it for PewDiePie net worth and his lifestyle. Are you a fan of PewDiePie? If yes, then do let us know his qualities that you love the most about him in the comment section 😀 And stay tuned to Net Worth Smasher for more updates.



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